4 In 1 Aircraft | Oz Seen On Tv

MPS: Mobile Power Source Aircraft Series – 4 Models in 1 The MPS Aircraft set will take your light-up creations to the skies! The four-in-one building set offers easy construction of air crafts including Cargo Transport, Light Glider, Light Bomber, and Light Jet. This educational toy for kids will offer hours of hand-eye coordination and … Continue reading

8 In 1 Truck | Oz Seen On Tv

No terrain is off limits with this super-duty 8 in 1 Mobile Power Block Truck kit from Laser Pegs! It’s fully loaded with 8 power hungry models including the Jeep, Humvee, Pickup Truck, and Truck Rod to name a few. Want to make your building experience even better? Light up your creations for the ultimate … Continue reading

6 in 1 Dragster | Oz Seen On Tv

You will be burning rubber building 6 wicked model dragsters like the Top Fuel Dragster, Baja Buggy, and the Turbo Trike. Light up your creations to experience the most ultimate drag racing you have ever seen! Laser Pegs is The Original Lighted Construction Set that combines two things kids love: light and building. Each kit … Continue reading

Regis Stone Cookware 20cm | Oz Seen On TV

Regis stone cookware is an extra strong and durable. Regis stone pans include a special hybrid stone coating which allows them to conduct heat faster so your food cooks quicker. The coating is non-stick, so you can cook without oils or fats and clean the pans more easily. They are embellished with a beautiful rustic … Continue reading

Ankle Genie | Oz Seen On Tv

  Do you suffer from ankle pain or swollen ankles is your ankle stiffer week? so you need extra support introducing ankle G the new zip up compression sleeve designed to reduce foot fatigue while energizing your foot and ankle standing on your feet all day can cause swollen ankles and radiating Legree body ankle … Continue reading